Academy of Architecture by Karl Friedrich Schinkel

What matters most is that a culturally and historically important building with a multi-functional interior is restored to the City and its future generations, that the Kupfergraben landscape is re-established, and a centre for architecture and urban development is created. This centre should be both an historical link as well as a forum for the further development of Schinkel’s ideas and the institution of the Academy of Architecture and thus justify Berlin’s international reputation of being a city of studies with long-term effect.

In March 2001, a project based on the proposals of the Study Group  was exhibited by the Interessengemeinschaft Bauaka­demie at the MIPIM Cannes (2001).

So far, the Association has published its output under the title Mythos Bauakademie  and has been in touch with the govern­ment and with people who are interested in the future usage of the building.

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